All Pens and Stalls with runs are flat
Pens range in size from 1140 sq feet to 2880 sq feet and are private .

We do not share pen space for horses that are in retirement, rehabilitation,or that are broodmares unless requested by the owner and approved by their veterinarian 
12 x 12 Stalls all have private runs that range in size from 1150 sq. ft and larger depending on your horses requirements.

Loafing sheds are 12 x 16  and Foaling stalls are 12 x 24 with a 1/3 acre pastures 

All Stalls have rubber mats with shavings.
All Pens have 12' x 12' shelter covers with rubber mats under the shelters with shavings
We clean our pens, pasture areas and stalls 2 times per day and feed 3 times per day
We feed Hay:  Orchard , Timothy and Alfalfa per your horses requirements
Grains and supplements are  fed at lunch and reimbursed by owner
Caretaker on site
Dry grooming racks with easy access power for your Farrier 
Hot and Cold water wash racks
Laundry area
Security Gate 
Treatment Room with dedicated power 
The veterinarians that are most familiar with the lay-out and configuration of our facility are:
Dr.  Secor  Dr. Watanabe, Dr. Crosland 
Equine Medical Associates 
Dr. Silvia Colladay
If you wish please contact them for references. You may click on their names to connect to their home pages.